Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of Zombies, Vampires and.. Poop?

My new NinjaTown plushies arrived yesterday!!!!
Since it's a random thing I'm glad that I got two of my favorites: the Zombie and the Ninja Dropping. These are tiny, ( If I'd have seen them in a store, probably wouldn't have bought them at $6 each) but since internet shopping tends to do that to you, I ordered anyway. I hung the Zombie on my rearview mirror and the poop from my keychain.

The zombeh cuteness in action. That's the cute little box that he came in.

and that's the little poopie fella. So cute.

I got these from www.shawnimals.com if you're interested. Even if you're not buying, the site is full of super cute creatures for your viewing pleasure. So be sure and try to stop by!

I still haven't gotten past the part of the game that I'm on. Seems it's a bit harder than I would like.

On to other news, hehe, I read Twilight last Friday (yeahh... ) and I have to say it's OK. Not a great book in literary terms, more an interesting perspective on a really whacked off subject. I think the longing aspect of it is well presented (yes, it got me a bit desperate sometimes for some action, but that's what leaves you wanting more...) like I heard my cousin once say: "Twilight is abstinence porn".
I'm starting New Moon today. Let's see how that goes.



  1. I love ninjatown! It was the first game I've ever finished, played till late at night on my nds haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've never wanted a little poop more in my life! (ha!)