Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tooth Drama

Yesterday I didn't write because I spent half the day at my orthodontist's office. I spent Monday night at the boy's (who lives conveniently close to where the Dr. is) and woke up a little bit earlier than I would've liked to be there on time. And so I was, only I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity (I think it was a bit more than 2hours) in a freezing office. Thank God I had my Nintendo DS with me, and in the meantime got busy passing level after level of NinjaTown. Once I was finally called in, I spent like 2 more hours on the chair, no joke!!! The dentist assistants proceeded to replace a loose bracket, clean my teeth, and put the brackets and wire on the bottom teeth. In the meantime they spent so long doing this I thought I might as well fall asleep there!
When I looked out the window I noticed it was dark and really really cloudy, my car was parked a few buildings down (that's PiƱero Ave. for you) and I had worn my Keen purple sandals because, sure, why not? So after it was all done since I had to return to the office I ventured out into the street to walk to my car. I arrived soaking wet, everything from my feet, my shoes, my shirt, my hair, everything! I immediately turned on the heater in my car.
after the flood (lol) I grabbed some lunch and had totally forgotten about the new line of braces, so it was a lot harder and more painful than I thought to eat it, but I finally finished about an hour later. apparently TAco Bell is not a good idea when your teeth are caged in metal. I found this out the hard way...
The rest of the afternoon was quite the uneventful ordeal except for the tightening in my jaw that was every moment harder to deal with. At five I finally got off, and after eating two yogurt cups, took two advil and an ambien and finally was able to rest a bit.
This morning I managed to take a picture of me smiling, feeling a little bit better (in part because I got to try some of my new Aromaleigh En Pointe samples, Sylp and Serenade eyeshadows)

no one can pretend to be painlessly happy as well as I can :)

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