Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trying to compromise

Or better said, make myself write on this, the fabulous closed-eye typing blog of MissTat.


Now you , compromise in reading it. (is that even a word?) It should say commit. yes! Commit yourself to me!!!! wee.

*end rant*

I've been attacking the sewing machine these past 5 or 6 days. More thinking and pondering than actually working on something, I've made two tops and two bags, and am almost finished with a dress (part t-shirt reconstruction, part vintage 70's fabric from an old dress of my grandmother's). My mind is reeling, reeling, reeling, and I want to spend 100% of my day in the now chaotic sewing room. Yay for chaos!

I had my carpet cleaned, and my furniture rearranged so now my room looks a lot better, I think the dent on the left side of my bed will now disappear since the right side is more accessible, allowing me to alternate sleeping sides *wink*.

Last night ( noche de San Juan) was nice, went to Luis's pool with Alysha, ate Texas Toast and "croquetas", and then went straight to bed. My parents are still not here, they're not usually here anymore and I'm getting used to it (particularly to the fact that I can play my music loud at 3 a.m, loud enough to hear it in the sewing room...). Ah, the simple pleasures. The disorganization of my thoughts. Hence the blog title.

Closed Eye Typing.

(PS- the image on top is one of the shirts I made, it used to be two pillowcases. Sorry that it's on the top making it seem completely irrelevant, but my browser's copy/paste is busted and I can't move it)...


  1. Ahhh no! Te vua tener q llevar par de fundas de almohada pa q me hagas una igual? Esas mismas son las q yo quieroooo!!!

    Oye, vi una máquina de coser marca Brothers en Costco. Estaba barata. Qué sabes de esa marca? Vale la pena?

  2. Okay, ganastes el premio por ser la primera persona en dejar un comentario en my "Arroyano" blog. Te dejare una nota en mi blog.


    p.s. por supuesto soy de Arroyo, pero estoy en los EU.

  3. Ahhh yo también abuso de los smilies, don't worry! ;-)

    Pues si puedes y no es molestia postear el tutorial, much better! Yo espero tener pronto dinero pa poder comprarme una maquina (o mandar a arreglar la vieja, lo q más barato salga) y montar taller en el cuarto de huéspedes! jejejeje!

  4. well, I'd love to go hang it then ;-)

    pronto posteare tambien las fotos de la otra camisa (es lo que le llaman un "smock top") y el traje que tengo que arreglarle el cuello pq me quedo virado *meh*

    te lo envio por email