Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's get some shoes...

It's great to find good shoes at an awesome price ( especially when said shoes are Dr Scholls' but nowhere near looking like those hideous cobbie cuddlers at Kmart)
SOOO comfy! I just gotta get used to the heels part. I am totally, shallow-ly raving about shoes. But... I mean...

These, for instance, were $76... Got 'em for $32

and these, were $56... Got them for $32 as well...

The joys of sales at Gatsby...


  1. Weee! Deja de hangear en la oficina de tu papá! :-P

  2. jajaja... callatee calllate. que I might be working there pa ganar $$ pal viaje... *cries*


  3. loka...prestame esos zapatos. estoy enamorá de ellos. and......that has never happened. =|.