Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little Red Summer dress (and then some)

The kids from North Carolina are here: Gabriel (11), Eduardo (10), and Sofia (6). They're sweet, good kids that are bored to death from spending way too-much time with their grandma in the beach trailer. So yesterday I took 'em to WalMart ( in search of some interfacing to make purses with). We bought doughnuts and Icee, and Sofia wanted me to make her a dress. "It's gotta be red, and it's gotta have a flower, too". I bought this really nice red cotton fabric and as soon as I got home, got to work in making the pattern/dress.
This is how it came out:
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The little monkey was pretty happy!
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Full-body shot on the model:
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I'm happy, and proud that she liked it. In fact, she loved it. Job well done for me!!!


And this is the other top I made, from a beautiful $1.88 fabric (Fabric Depot RULES!!!)
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And I'm happy wearing it as well. It's been good days for my creative impulses and I think after awhile of being dormant they've finally awoken.

20 days to go till I go to Orlando, and I have no money (however, nobody is better at loans than my own parents, who will probably make me wash cars, do pedicures, and random office work for the whole year 2008 if it's neccesary, as long as I don't go on that trip empty handed). I honestly don't care, my traveling veins have been pulsating and I think it's time I get on another plane!!!!

I re-visited the exposition at Caguas ( La Tierra Desde el Cielo or something like that) tonight with my grandparents and the kids. Still that Pripiat ( a city near Chernobyl that had to be evacuated in its entirety) picture keeps beating at the back of my head, in all its eerie, cold, and gloomy glory. I managed to find a copy on the net, however if you are able to go see it firsthand, PLEASE DO! It's got much more impact at the huge size it is displayed. All the other Yann Arthus-Bertrand pictures are breathtaking as well, so it's worth the trip to Caguas ( if you live in Puerto Rico, of course)
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whew! I think this'll be it for today... Long day tomorrow!

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  1. aajajajjaajajaja. mini bjork (te quitaron el titulo) q bella. i wants to meet her, men. el traje quedó super dindo. y la camisa tuya también. theres nothing like making your own clothes!

    y la foto esa esta SUUUUUUUUPERRR cabrona. osea, la del sitio ese que vimos en la expo...i loved that picture.

    que de hecho....hay otra exposición. vamos! es por sanpa. son fotos controversiales. o...algo asi. salió en el periodico. es libre de costo. lo unico es q estan de lunes a sabado, de 9 a 6. es gratis. i want to go with you, tho.

    lo unico...no te prometo cafe tan bueno como el de aquel dia. lo unico que te puedo prometer...es...dennys. lol. que bajón. pero bueno. nada como cafe de la casita.