Sunday, July 29, 2007


La Nouba.
I have been anxious, itching to go see one of Cirque Du Soleil's shows for some years now and yesterday was finally my day.
I can't begin to describe the emotions I felt when I walked in, and saw the incredible sets and all the colors and lights and movement. My eyes instantly welled up with tears and held their pose for a good half of the show. Anyone who ever has an opportunity, should go see one of these shows. I bought the music CD ( this one's a little jazzy in my opinion, which I like) and a crystal ball ornament that is filled with scraps of costume fabrics and pictures from the show.
I'm sorry for my lack of expressive words and such, but I'm simply at loss.
However, two of my favorite things:

Les Cons

And the little Chinese girls with their Diabolos:

These little girls had me at the edge of my seat during their act, they are truly amazing (either that or freaks of nature) and extremely cute. They did pirouettes and switches and human pyramids and such all while still playing with their diabolos. My hat goes off to these little girls.

well that's it for today, I'm in need of a shower.

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