Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Better Version of Me

So I have to say, I'm feeling somewhat better with myself and everything lately.
The Adderall is working wonders, however, I have to take at least 20 mg in order to actually feel a slight difference, yet that slight difference does all the difference in the world (r u still with me?). I haven't ever felt so focused and organized as when I take it. I feel like the person that's supposed to be there finally comes through.

I've started exercising with a personal trainer ( might help a bit that I'm not the one paying for it...), and I feel pretty enthusiastic about it. I love swimming, so she's going to try to incorporate some of that into the training, and I just think it's so relieving to be guided by someone who actually knows what they're doing. On the days she gives me "homework" I can either do treadmill, or walking on the track near my house, but I've also done some Wii Fit (because I don't have to leave the house, and it's more fun...). The point is to get moving, right?

School has officially started, yet we had a recess of a week due to Hurricane Irene. There was flooding everywhere and we didn't have power for about 4 days, it was just ridiculous. Thankfully, after three months or so, I was back in the kitchen yesterday. It felt great! We've started with breakfasts, yesterday was what I call the egg-fest. Scrambled, poached (then Benedict), fried, hard-boiled. Also, hash browns, and sausages. We got to eat everything afterwards, but I was a good girl and only had half of the Benedict and some hash browns. I'm also taking Wine and Food Pairings this semester, and I find the class to be super interesting.

Just to show how indecisive I can be, later at night I got craving for coffee, so I texted a friend (for company, of course...) and went to Starbucks. I ended up having a Chai Soy Latte, halfway through which I decided that what I wanted was a beer (Sam Adams Blackberry, to be precise). Since it was Monday night, and apparently there was nothing better to do, I ended up at my Friday night hangout place of choice and had that beer. Yay.

I need to do so much crap today, I don't know why I'm still here, writing. I haven't even had breakfast yet . Bad, bad.

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